CL Hart – From A Distance


Who do you trust when you have no one left but yourself? Kenzie is a military trained assassin, hunting her target in Mexico. Cori is a student at the University of Guadalajara. One fateful afternoon their lives will come together under a flurry of gun fire. Questioning the ties around them, they will soon learn that they can not live without each other. On the run from an unknown enemy, they must learn to trust each other, and to believe they’ll make it out alive. 

Guess who made the mistake of starting this novel at 9:30pm on a school night? Yep. I went into work with dark circles and bags under my eyes. Dead. Sexy. I’m lucky I didn’t trip all over the place in my heels while slow-crawling into my office this morning.

For the life of me, I couldn’t put this damn book down. Believe me, I tried. I really really really tried.

Not really. I started bargaining with myself after the first half hour:

Inner Monologue at 10:00pm 
“Kindle says i’m 25% done with the novel. I can read another hour, no biggie. That’ll give me at least seven hours of sleep tonight.”

Inner Monologue at 11:30pm
“I’m more than halfway. Hey, it’s not even midnight. It’s not even tomorrow yet! I’ve survived on less sleep. It’ll be fine! Man, I love this book.”

Inner Monologue at 12:00am
“Ok, I’m at 83%. I’m almost done. I can’t stop now. Hell no! Mama didn’t raise a quitter!”

Inner Monologue at 12:30am
“I’m done! Wow, amazing. Totally worth it! I’m sure I’ll be bright and chipper tomorrow morning. Come on, that’s a whole 330 minutes of sleep!”

Inner Monologue when I woke up at 6:00am
“F…M…L” *Cries*

Hashtag, TheStruggleIsReal

If you’re a fan of books in the crime/mystery/thriller genre, you’ll LOVE this book. The excitement (and anxiety) I felt reading this novel is comparable to when I read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum. The pacing is FAST. CL Hart hardly gives her main characters Kenzie and Cori a breather. Geez… have a little mercy, CL Hart! This reading experience was like running a full marathon without training, stretching, warming up, or even eating. The readers are thrown in the middle of the action right away. You’ll be so engrossed in the story, that you may even forget about blinking.

The story is intriguing and the plot whips you around some pretty interesting turns and corners. The characters in this story are well-developed and complex. I had an affinity for both of the main characters, especially Kenzie. Kenzie’s character pulled the heck out of my heart-strings, and I truly cared about how she would turn out in the end. Thankfully, the author didn’t disappoint.

Readers can feel the heat of attraction and tension between Cori and Kenzie from the first page. Through trust and love, their relationship becomes a beautiful partnership as they save each other through all the obstacles they face together throughout the story.

Standing ovation for From A Distance!

1. Nine Inch Nails – We’re in this Together
2. Poe – Haunted
3. A Perfect Circle – 3 Libras
4. Lacuna Coil – Fragile
5. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
6. Stone Temple Pilots – Plush (Acoustic)
7. Deftones feat. Maynard Keenan – Passenger
8. Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
9. Hozier – Like Real People Do
10. Alice in Chains – Rooster
11. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
12. Chris Cornell – Sunshower
13. City and Colour – As Much As I Ever Could
14. Nine Inch Nails – The Day the Whole World Went Away (Still)
15. Smashing Pumpkins – Stand Inside Your Love

This book would be best read with….



Eliza Lentzski – Don’t Call Me Hero


It’s been over a year since Cassidy Miller retired from the United States Marine Corps, but try telling that to her nightmares. she knew that coming back after eight years in a war zone wouldn’t be easy, but she’d underestimated the real difficulties of transitioning back to civilian life. War is hell, but the aftermath is endless. 

Looking for a fresh start, she’s left her friends and career in Minneapolis to be a police officer in northern Minnesota. It’s in this tiny town of Embarrass where she learns more about Julia Desjardin. The city prosecutor is cool, professional, and untouchable. But she and Cassidy have history, and Cassidy isn’t going to let her easily forget that. 

For all their surface differences, Cassidy and Julia have more in common than they first realized- both are reluctant to hand over their pasts to be judged and studied. But it might take someone just as damaged as the other to help each cope with the skeletons in their respective closets. 

The beauty of books is the exposure that it gives readers to life experiences that may never be their own. This is the first novel that I’ve read where it features a character with a military background. I have friends that have served (some, still serving) in the military, and the extent of my knowledge is what they feel comfortable sharing with me. What Cassie goes through in adjusting to civilian life seems to mirror a lot of the stories that I’ve heard from soldiers returning from war. Though, I can’t speak for the authenticity of the details or the experience, I can say that this is an important story featuring two complex characters who are both deeply affected by the ravages of war, that find love and comfort with each other. Oh, love.

Cassie and Julia’s first encounter is far from ideal, but the chemistry between the two sizzles from start to finish. This isn’t your average, idealistic fairy-tale and there’s really not a lot of fluff. There’s a gritty intensity to the story, and I would say that it is less about romance than it is about passionate love. If a book could give you bruises by just reading it, Don’t Call Me Hero would be on that list. The main characters challenge each other, fight with each other, and tear through the others’ defenses (and clothes) like their house was on fire.

Also, you’ll want to get your Winter Jacket (har har) out for this one. Julia Desjardin is the epitome of ice queen, and her character remains chilly for a significant portion of the novel. The first time her character showed a bit of warmth… it’s like water to a nomad walking under the blazing sun in the desert for a million years. You might even think it’s a mirage of an oasis. She’s an interesting counterpoint to Cassie, who burns with her desire to do good for her community. They are both driven by justice and want to do right by their people. Their career paths intersect and they learn to work together as a team to bring out the best in each other.

Take heed, this is not a tale for the faint of heart! This is like a tattooed, chain-smoking Disney princess fighting for PETA and saving the world while having a lot of hot sex with her Prince(ss) Charming with a whip in her hand. The die-hard romance in me winced a little reading through this one, but really, I loved every word of it!

1. Lenachka – Breaking Down
2. Jeff Buckley – Lover You Should’ve Come Over
3. Evanescence – Hello
4. Bootstraps – Haywire
5. Lake Street Dive – Better Than
6. Brandon Flowers – Between Me And You
7. Louise Wendorff – Every Little Thing
8. Sam Smith – Make It To Me
9. Ben Rector – When I’m With You
10. Odessa – I Will Be There
11. Spencer Combs feat. Holley Maher – You Are Mine

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