Sarah McLachlan

“Make me a witness
Take me out
Out of darkness
Out of doubt”

**Sneak Peek**

“But it wasn’t only case updates that she wanted. Now that Theo had briefly opened the door, she wanted to throw the rules right out the window. If not now, she wanted a promise for later when the case was over. Women like Theo didn’t come along every day. Or every decade.”

Little Big Town

“It’s a want you, it’s a need you, it’s a hold on through the pain
It’s a get through what you got to ’cause it can’t stay the same
It’s a long talk with the lights off
It’s the last breath in your lungs
It’s the deep end that we jump in
It’s the love that we become”
Tumble and Fall

**Sneak Peek**

“Swallowing to reintroduce moisture to her suddenly dry mouth, Aimee found herself transfixed by Justine’s questioning eyes. What was she if she wasn’t friend or foe? Justine inched closer and Aimee wet her lips as she tried to formulate a response. “You’re…” Aimee said too breathlessly for her liking. She sounded like a love-struck fool. Trying to sound more assertive, she cleared her throat and tried again.”

**Sneak Peek**

“When you become close friends with someone, especially a fellow lesbian, there comes a time when you just cross over into the platonic-only zone, and you start seeing the person differently. More like family than a potential love interest. That’s how I’ve regarded Katherine for a while now, although, as I was tossing and turning through the night, I had to-very freely-admit that, between her and me, there’s always been this undercurrent of possibility.”